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Since inception over 20 years ago, The Public Register's Annual Report Service has grown to list over 5,000 publicly held companies in North America. Annual Reports can be obtained in paper format or viewed online through our Green Alternative, PublicRegisterOnline.com. The launch of our Green Alternative, propelled registered users to 150,000+ and generated monthly website page views of 1.5 million. Annual Reports in paper format can be easily ordered through both websites, PublicRegister.com, PublicRegisterOnline.com or by calling our toll free telephone number, 1-800-4-ANNUALS. Corporate clients can select participation in either service or get the best of both with a combination package.

The Public Register's Annual Report Service and The Public Register Online are owned and operated by Bay Tact Corporation.

Mission Statement:

The Public Register maintains the largest one source service for investors to easily order current annual reports on companies.


The Public Register aims to provide a quality service that fulfills annual report orders in a timely manner. Orders are processed and mailed within one business day.

We believe in continuing the corporate tradition of emphasis on family life and encourage commitment from our employee team members by addressing their ideas and concerns. We are proud of our employee experience and tenure which averages 18 years.

Vision Statement:

The Public Register supplies the primary conduit for hard copy annual reports to Wall Street professionals and high net worth investors from publicly held companies in North America.


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